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Hides For Effective Nosework Training Half-Day Seminar - Sunday, January 27, 2019, 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

with Chuck and Kathy Hahn

This four hour seminar will be a quick immersion in effective hide setting.  You will learn about basic hide setting, the difference between accessible and inaccessible hides, the parameters for different trial venues, as well as preparing and storing odor, and clean up after searches.  We will also discuss what to do when a hide is found to be too challenging for your dog.  After the lecture, class will break into two teams to set up searches.  Working teams will then complete the searches and a discussion will follow.  This class will be a fast and fun prep class for feeling more confident in setting hides and training on your own.

Hides placement half-day seminar WORKING spot.  Dogs in working spots will be participating in the searches set by participants.  Working sports are limited to eight.

WORKING spots are $75.00 

Hides Placement half-day seminar AUDIT spot.  Auditors will not be running dogs but will be participating in the groups to plan searches and set hides.

AUDIT spots are $40.00