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Other Classes

BEGINNING OBEDIENCE - Saturdays 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Beginning Obedience is the perfect class for the puppy or young dog, or new-to-you dog, who needs to get out and start working. We will be teaching basic obedience including sit, down, stand, stays, loose leash walking, getting and keeping your dog's attention, impulse control, and life skills. This class will emphasize teaching your dog to work around other people and dogs, and helping to build him/her into the life partner we all hope for in our dogs. Our class size is small, only up to six dogs.


The Beginning Obedience, Competitive Focus class is perfect for any dog with whom you want to pursue competitive obedience such as Rally, Obedience, bite sports, etc. This class will focus on proper form in teaching sits, downs, stands, engagement, and the foundation skills for distance cues, focused heeling, teaching jumps, and preparation for other advanced skills. Dogs do not have to have prior experience as this class will start at the beginning, but dogs with some skills will likely advance at a quicker pace. Class size will be kept to only six teams.

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