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Calm Dog and Perception Modification Classes

Calm Dog Class is the first in a series of two classes designed to help your performance dog with certain behavioral issues. Is you dog hyper and barking all the time in the car? Or at the start line of your event? Does your dog go nuts over toy distractors? Is your dog reactive to people walking near the car, or dog reactive so you are restricted to certain trial venues and red bandanas? Is your dog sensitive to changes in the environment such as loud noises or new things? Does your dog become overly stimulated/aroused to the point their performance suffers? Or maybe you would just like your dog to have a better "off button" during down times?

These classes are for you and your dog(s)! These classes are designed with the performance dog in mind - nosework, rally, obedience, agility, or any sport where your dog is struggling due to behavior issues. If your dog is not currently involved in dog sports, please contact me for further information. They may still be a good fit for the class.

Calm Dog and Perception Modification Classes will emphasize techniques from Training Between the Ears (TBTE), the training system developed by Mark McCabe and Stephanie McCabe. You can find out more about TBTE and the training philosophy and strategies by visiting their YouTube channel at:

The first class, Calm Dog, will be working on teaching you techniques to teach your dog to relax, at home, in the car, at trials, anywhere. We will also begin teaching you and your dog about Perception Modification working on teaching your dog to be comfortable having their bodies touched and handled. This class is required for attendance to the second class in the series, Perception Modification. Even if you think your dog is totally relaxed most of the time, if you are struggling with any of the behaviors described above, they still need this class. This class lays the foundation work for Perception Modification.

The second class, Perception Modification, will dive into this powerful technique to help your dog change from a pessimist to an optimist. The Perception Modification class will draw from techniques practiced in the Calm Dog Class to start more directly addressing your dog's challenges. Some classes may meet off site depending on the progression of the class.

What is Different About Calm Dog and Perception Modification Classes?

The classes in this series are behavior modification classes that include a series of six in-person classes and an on-line accompaniment course that mirrors the in-class sessions. Participating in both the in-person and on-line class are key to making progress in this class! In-person classes may or may not involve actual work with your dog in any given session. There may be a demo dog demonstrating a technique, or a dog from class may be used to demonstrate during class. All dogs when not working will need to be securely crated in their vehicles. The class will be run in such a way to prevent dogs from being unnecessarily stressed, and with the utmost of safety of both humans and dogs, in mind.  

The on-line accompaniment course will require you to have access to a computer that will allow you to view videos, upload your own videos and post questions and comments. In order to get the most from the course, you will need to follow the on-line class, work with your dog outside class time, and ask questions if you do not understand how to proceed. You are also invited to post short videos of the work you are doing with your dog for feedback. Everyone in class will be able to see other's videos and feedback and it will greatly enhance your learning and perfecting the techniques. The benefit of the on-line portion of the class is the ability to access the instructor outside of class for questions and feedback. This will allow you to keep working with your dog without having to wait for the next class to receive guidance. Additionally, if you miss an in-person class, you will still receive the material through the on-line class and will be able to ask questions and post videos. (The on-line accompaniment course will include students from both the Tuesday and Saturday classes.)

If you are a current K9You client, you can sign up if you wish! If you are not a current K9You client, please text me at (408) 710-9469 or email me at so we can discuss if the class will work for you and your dog.


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