It's all about your K9 and You!

The Trainers

Kathy Childers

Living in California has allowed Kathy to train with some of the best trainers in the country.  She has attended the Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, completing classes in obedience, advanced obedience, puppy development, and advanced motivation.  She completed the Dog Behavior Academy taught by Trish King, and Nosework Train the Trainers courses with Andrew Ramsey.  She is a FitPaws Master Trainer and Certified Canine Fitness Trainer through the University of Tennessee.  Kathy studies and practices the methods of Training Between the Ears; the behavior modification system developed by Mark McCabe and 

Stephanie McCabe.  Training Between the Ears (TBTE) teaches methods to bring our dog's agenda into alignment with our own, creating a harmonious, satisfying relationship, and removing the element of conflict so often present in many other dog training methods.  She has been attending regular seminars learning the foundational and advanced techniques for over two years, and will continue to learn and grow in this amazing method.

Kathy's Belgian Malinois, Kimber, earned her Rally Novice title in 2015.  Kimber has also earned her Intermediate Trick Dog Title, and two NW3 titles.   Kathy has been competing in nosework with young Malinois, Ruger, who earned his NW2 title (high in trial ) and Sniffing Dog Sports Advanced Title ( first in trial), along with AKC titles in the Advanced Level, and his Sniffing Dog Sports Excellent title.  She competed with senior beagle, Molly, who earned her NW1 title (second place in trial), and Sniffing Dog Sports Novice title (third place in trial) prior to passing away in 2018.

Chuck Hahn

Chuck has studied with world class trainers.  He attended the Michael Ellis School Puppy Development and Obedience Intensive courses.  He completed Nosework Train the Trainer courses with Andrew Ramsey.  Chuck's work with Malinois Kimber has made her a solid nosework dog, earning her NW1 and NW2 titles.  Chuck also competed in Dock Diving with Malinois Ruger, achieving a 20'5" jump during their first competition.  His specialty is analyzing the nosework team and helping them prepare for trial success.  He has many years of experience training police officers and his skills are apparent as he is able to focus on every detail and maximize each nosework team's ability to succeed.  His nosework teams have achieved numerous placements and high in trials as they advance from beginners to the highest levels of competition at Detective level and Elite level.