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Nosework is one of the hottest new dog sports! Using the dog's intrinsic drive to use their nose, they are trained on specific odors, and how to alert you to the odor's presence. Nosework is an ideal sport for almost every dog, whether you are looking for a fun activity, or you want to compete. Even reactive and shy dogs can be successful in this growing sport.


(For Trainers)

K9You Academy is a Train the Professional Program for Trainers who wish to develop a nosework program for sport. Nosework as a sport has become huge with the addition of AKC trial venues. The demand for classes is high, especially the demand for programs that teach effective methods to get the nosework team where they want to go in the sport. In addtion, nosework is a great program to add as an enrichment activity for teams not interested in competing. Nosework is IT! And K9You would love to get you started as a trainer, or enhance the program you already have.

Canine Conditioning

Human athletes pay close attention to strength training, balance work, and flexibility. Your canine can also benefit from a solid fitness plan! Proper conditioning can prevent injuries, and enhance performance, whether your dog is a competitive athlete, weekend warrior, or a senior dog who could improve their quality of life.

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